Saturday, April 8, 2017

What can a Health Coach do for me?

People often ask me... What is a health coach?
In the following article, I share with you what Health Coaches do and how they can help you with your health or weight loss goals.
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What can a Health Coach do for me?

A health coach can spend the extra time to help someone figure out what their health and wellness goals are, how they intersect, affect them holistically and help them develop lifestyle strategies to overcome them, whether it be their overall health or trying to lose weight.

Health Coaches can support individuals on a one to one basis, giving them personalized health or weight loss plans that is specifically set for that individual.

A health coach can offer broad-based support for overall health and wellness, or may specialize in areas such as:

-Weight loss
-Weight management
-Stress management
-Binge eating
-Improved nutrition
-Food cravings
-Exercise and fitness
-Shopping for healthy foods
-Compulsive eating
-Increased energy
-Enhanced mental focus
-Self-esteem and self-sabotage
-Juicing for weight loss and detox
-And many other areas of health and wellness

Again, based on what is most important to you, you may wish to hire a coach who can help you in many areas, or you may choose to work with a health coaching specialist, someone who will help you focus on changing one crucial area of your life.

It’s important to always remember that your health coach will not replace your doctor, but will instead support your wellness goals in an effort to help you avoid needing a doctor as often as you may have in the past. The goal is to help you set goals that will lead to a healthy lifestyle, rather than regularly getting sick and being treated after the fact.

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