Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It's all about consistency!

People often ask me, how do you keep your blood sugar levels normal being diabetic? A lot of trial and error! It took me some time to learn how to balance my nutrition and my physical activity. I don't use the term fitness or exercise. The reason for that is, not everyone can do the traditional fitness/exercise programs. Hence, why I refer to it as "physical activity".

This is just ONE of the reasons I became a health and weight loss coach. I spent several years struggling with many different illnesses. I'm not implying that I'm "cured". I am managing my illnesses in a health way. I am going to list all of my chronic illnesses with you so you can understand why I am posting this. Please just bare with me!

I suffer from a few mental illnesses, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), major anxiety disorder and depression. I also suffer from a few physical illnesses, lupus, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis in my lower back. I am sure plenty of you know about having to deal with more than one chronic illness. It's honestly all about management. Every illness has it's own ways of being managed.

These are the many reasons that I became a health and weight loss coach. Teaching people about management. It does take time, effort, practice and most of all... consistency! What I tell most of the people I help, take it one day at a time, work on the small things first. Don't overwhelm yourself and expect overnight results. The time it takes for every individual to see results is different for everyone. What might take one person a month's time, may take longer for others. Giving up is the #1 reason that people don't continue in their health journey. They get frustrated because they didn't see results right away. That's why I always stress, be consistent. Don't compare yourself to others, their progress has nothing to do with you. You are your own person, therefore, your circumstances are completely different.

I can honestly say, during the time I've been a coach, I have never come across any two people that were exactly alike. I have to treat each person individually. What I may recommend for one, may be different for another.

Having a coach may seem "time consuming" or some may think "I can't afford that"... Can you afford to lose your health to the point you can't walk or even function anymore? Can you afford to feel sick all the time and worry about if your family is going to be cared for? You need to ask yourself, am I worth the time that I need to fully take care of myself? What happens to my loved ones if I don't take care of myself? Only you can answer that.

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