Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Foods to Keep You Hydrated

I often come across people that tell me that they hate drinking water. So I was doing some research and I was trying to see what ways I could find to help people stay hydrated, without having to drink only water. I don't recommend you give up water, not at all, but I thought these foods might help you get some ideas. I will attach a really amazing article to read to give you some more idea's too. I will post it at the end of this message.

Hydrating Fruits & Vegetables

Made of more than 90% water, these foods help you get your daily H20! I decided to type the info-graphic out so those with a hard time seeing can read the post better.

Strawberries (91.0%)
Radishes (95.3%)
Grapefruit (90.5%)
Broccoli (90.7%)
Watermelon (91.5%)
Celery (95.4%)
Spinach (91.4%)
Carrots (90.4%)
Cucumber (96.7%)
Tomatoes (94.5%)
Green Peppers (93.9%)
Cauliflower (92.1%)

If you would like more idea's on how you can stay hydrated by eating or drinking certain foods, please refer to the follow article: http://bit.ly/2jyy1VN

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