Monday, November 28, 2016

Just posting an update....

I had to get an x-ray done on my back earlier today. The pain has been getting increasingly worse over these last several weeks. My Doctor increased the amount of muscle relaxers I can take and had to put me on a pain medication. I don't see the physical therapist until next week. So the only relief I am able to get right now is soaking in the tub every night, it will help get me through until the next morning and then it's back to square one.

I'm hoping to get my back better so I can start my very low impact exercise routine and I know the physical therapy should help get me there. I am going to start doing Pilates too. I have the mat for it, just haven't used it yet. My weight loss is still doing good, it's slow but steady. Eating healthy isn't a problem for me, as long as I have the means to buy what I need, but I've had several friends help out when they're able. So to those of you you that have helped, thank you.

I have been able to do some work here at home, not as much as I would like, but hey, as long as I'm doing well at it, that's all that really matters. Am I making tons of money, no, I am however making what we need, and that is something I am super proud of. I am slowly getting back to the old me, just having to take my time doing it.

I hope you're all doing well. If you would like to see all my health journey posts, please visit Healthy Choices for Life​, that's my Official Facebook page for my blog. Take care all.

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