Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to get me FREE as a Health and Wellness coach!!!

I've been contemplating which package I wanted to feature here, and since a lot of people are facing economical hardships, I honestly feel that this is the best package to purchase if you're unable to start the entire Chew the Fat Off program.

I am offering my services as a coach FREE to anyone that purchases this package. I will help you with meal planning, healthy recipes, nutritional support and fitness advice.

If you're interested in this package or any other Chew the Fat Off package, please contact me here: -OR- you can text me here: (916) 370-6105.

I do offer each Chew the Fat Off products as an individual purchase, but if you want FREE health and wellness coach services, you have to purchase the Stay Fit package that is featured in this post.

Feel free to ask about purchasing any of the products without purchasing any packages.

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