Saturday, September 24, 2016

Update on my Mother's condition...

Good morning everyone. I really wanted to give you a more detailed update on my Mother's condition. While she is dealing with all of her physical conditions, she is now dealing with major problems with her right knee.

Apparently there is a major gap in between the two bones that connect at the knee. It's so extreme, that only a complete knee replacement would correct the problem, however, we have come to a brick wall on that matter. Since my Mother has several severe lung conditions, the chances of her coming out of that kind of surgery safely, are very slim.

As I posted recently, when we had gone to do some errands the other day, one of the places we had to go to was the pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions. We were waiting in line and my Mom's right knee almost gave out. If my older sister Michelle wasn't there to catch her, she would have more certainly had another bad fall.

She had a bad fall back in 2015, and that's what caused the knee problem to worsen. And her left knee isn't much stronger. When she was in her late 20's, my Mother fell when she was going to visit someone and the side walk was cracked and it caused her to fall. She had to have knee surgery on both knees. The Doctor that did the surgery back then told her that despite the knee surgeries, her knees would worsen as she got older.

That's exactly what has happened. This is why I started this gofundme campaign. If any of you don't feel comfortable donating money, we will gladly accept donations of the items she needs to get her mobility back. The physical therapy and other things we can work other arrangements out for her. I am sincerely trying to get mobility support for my severely disabled Mother.

She is able to use her mobility chair in the apartment, but it's not portable so she can not take it with her when she goes around town to do errands, go to Doctor's appointments or other things she would like to be able to do.

You see, I may have some illnesses, but I have my mobility. My Mother has lost all of her independence. Most of her life is spent in bed. She can't even sit on the couch because her legs and arms are too weak to get back up. I will be updating the campaign description soon and making some modifications.

PLEASE share this campaign on as many social media platforms as you can. I'm not asking you to donate, just share the campaign. I am sure, sooner or later, we will get her what she needs.

My sole income right now is my disability benefits. I just started my new home business and it takes time to build. I know I can do it, but even then, I can not get my Mother everything she needs on my own. I am pleading.... begging for any kind of help. Sharing this campaign will greatly help her out.

I honestly don't know what else to say to gain your trust that this is NOT a scam, in any way, shape or form. Like I said, if you're willing to donate some of the items she needs, I am willing to talk to you privately and make arrangements. Donations does not need to be monetary.

Thank you for your time and for reading this update. Have a wonderful day.

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