Friday, September 23, 2016

Another amazing success story!!!!

Real people! Real results!!

“When I was asked to be in the original test group to try the CTFO weight management program, I felt bad for them. I was thinking I would not be a very good participant. My previous attempts to lose weight always resulted in regaining the original weight I lost and then more. Since I had been struggling with my weight for over 20 years, I wondered, “How could this be different?” To my surprise it is!

The biggest difference is that after the first week on this plan, I knew I was going to make it. I really like the taste of the shakes and the tablets and I don’t feel hungry. Unlike all the other programs I have tried, I feel healthier and have more energy. I especially enjoy that the unique system for drinking pure water actually has me drinking more water. I also like that the program gives me a day off once a week to look forward to.

So far, after only 8 short weeks, I have lost 15 pounds, and my old clothes are loose on me. I have more to lose, but now believe the rest is also coming off. Finally, my prayers for a healthy weight management solution have been answered.”

- Delores F.

If you sign up for the CTFO (Chew the Fat Off) 90 day challenge, you will receive me as a health and wellness coach at absolutely no charge. I will help you with meal planning, healthy recipes and snack ideas, a fitness program that will fit your personal goals and needs.

If you're interested, please feel free to message me here!

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