Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8 tips for feeling more awake in the morning (without caffeine)

8 tips for feeling more awake in the morning (without caffeine)
[I took the time to type this out for those of you who can't read the image.]

1. Stimulate your brain. Play sudoku, crossword or write in your journal.

2. Drink freshly squeezed fruit juice. [Not in a carton, real fruit cut up before juicing.] Live enzymes = more energy!

3. Give yourself a dry skin brush before you hop in the shower. Use a long-handle natural bristle brush to brush yourself head to toe, increases circulation and skin glow.

4. Take a cold shower. [Or make the last few minutes cold.] You will feel alert and your skin will feel great!

5. Expose yourself to direct sunlight. [Alerts your body's internal clock to wake up.]

6. Tidy up your space... just five minutes of de-cluttering will refresh your mind & make you feel accomplished.

7. Do ten jumping jacks. [A little physical activity can really help.]

8. Fake it til you make it. How about acting like you're super awake? Straighten your posture, laugh a lot, walk briskly. Keep it up and your body won't know the difference.

**The best way to feel awake is to get a good night's sleep. Don't skip your zzzz's!

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